Magnum opus

Silver (natural antiseptic), enamel, plastic; 6x13 cm
Edition: 33.

Pillbox, created by Taras Zheltyshev, is not just a box for medicines. According to the author, it is a modern lifestyle.

Object consists of two sections connected by a magnetic attachment at the base. Magnum opus (lat.  «the great work», in alchemy it is the process of obtaining the philosopher's stone) is made so that even a visually impaired person can identify what kind of medicine is inside by touching three-dimensional letters. The bottom of each section is decorated with an engraving telling about the character PillMan from the Yoomoota universe. The first section is divided into five tubes. Each of them can be taken out and be used as a glass for taking medicines. The tubes have detached exchangeable handles and nameplates on the top of the object. On the reverse side there are transparent inserts made of colored plastic for viewing the tablets inside.  The second section of the pillbox is designed to store blister packs.