Cute condom

Metall, enamel; 4 cm
Edition: 50.

Cute condoms is a gray clan that protects the Planet of Brands’ inhabitants (artists, painters, singers, actors, etc.) from scammers and unscrupulous people, which are represented as NFT — creatures in the digital space. Condoms live in a facility located in a secret place. They fulfill their function during the nights, and usually alone. Each of the condoms has a specific type of weapon and eradicates evils with stern measures. They attack any swindler very aggressively, so all the villains will inevitably die.

They were created by chance in the laboratory of one retarded scientist in 2035. Initially he carried out typical experiments with truth serum, immortality potion, power sludge and other prohibited substances. But once the horny scientist brought a lady to his laboratory apparently to brag about his instruments. In the heat of passion, the lady wiped off 10 years of the scientist's work on an unused condom, which was lying on the floor. As a result it has put life into these creatures! Actually they represent an organization with its own hierarchy. They mostly move inconspicuously, and do not allow casual sexual intercourse with beautifully disguised PFPs. However, their main mission is, of course, to save humanity, and each condom understands this in its own way. The truth is these condoms do not belong to any organization, they established it themselves and run their own business! Ultra-modern, smart means of protecting mankind. They instantly made a lot of creatures, which looked like them and started to call each other Condoms Fast Finish. They can protect not only from STD and unwanted pregnancy, but from other problems too. They literally can beat a problem out of the head. If you meet a condom from the Free F*ck organization — luck is on your side, for good or for ill. And I hope you know what to do.

The product is made of enameled silver and gold chain. Arms and legs are made in the form of movable gilded silver parts.

PLANET: Brands (reputation)

EXHIBITIONS: EXHIBITIONS: Icon Siam Solo Show, (Bangkok), Frédérick Mouraux Gallery (Antwerpen)

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