Headhunter knight

Metal, plastic; 50 cm
Edition: 3.

This hero was created during the NFT-boom, which led to the emergence of a huge number of influencers. They propagated the benefits of NFT, which, like a virtual plague, flooded the computers of people who did not understand its severity and danger. As it often happens, only the rich have got richer, while the rest of people have lost all their investments. The Knight is the personification of the plague in the NFT - sphere, but not as a disease, but as an unstoppable process that requires a reasonable approach. In the Universe of Yoomoota, he carries out every order if he is paid, as an allegory for influencers who publish advertising material for money.

In the Universe of Yoomoota, there are ten knights who are attribute seekers, bounty hunters, or vice versa, mercenaries. They are the performers of orders — just like the influencers in our home universe. The Headhunter knight's name and the name of his horse both are unknown, as they must be hidden from the general information cloud. It is only known that he appeared on the Planet of Brands and during the life he was building his horse from finds made during his hunting.

The knight is made in a complex technique of combining metal and plastic. It is worked out in detail with acrylic paints. The artwork is also encrusted with a variety of plastic transparent gems.

PLANET: Brands (reputation)