Fast Money

Plastic, acrylic, banknotes; 20 cm
Edition: 25.

Countless money exchanges go through countries, cities, villages: money for money, money for goods, money for services. Each banknote passes uninterruptedly from hand to hand. They are like atoms that will never stop in people's lives. This work is the embodiment of forgettable cash in the Yoomoota universe. It is interesting to point, that the more money runs online, the faster money, which lives offline, moves. They have so many legs that it becomes impossible to hold them!

There are special organizations on the Planet of Brands, which breed living creatures called Monrun, or Fast Money. There are plenty of their species of different colors and shapes. Farmers, who work with Monruns, pluck them, filling bags with paper money just as pillows with feathers. These farms are guarded by monopolistic organizations or included to the country as a state organization. Even though cruelty to animals is strictly punishable by law on the Planet of Brands, there are rumors among the population of the planet that Monruns are knowingly fed with different chemical additives to make banknotes grow faster on them. If you have decided to have your own Monrun, it is better to hide him from prying eyes, thereby avoiding many possibilities to get into trouble.

The sculpture is made up of real banknotes, metal, plastic, acrylic.

PLANET: Brands (reputation)

EXHIBITIONS: Solo Show, Icon Siam, Bangkok

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