Wood, metal, felt, PU; 70х72 cm
Edition: 50.

A Chloroplast Chair is an interior item created with the idea to playfully represent one of the essential plant cells. The chloroplast performs the function of synthesizing glucose from carbon dioxide and water using solar energy. This is a fantastic process of plants’ life which all humanity also depends on. Imagine that eventually we live in an incredible symbiosis with our entire environment, especially with plants. I have decided to transfer this small cell in this form as support for a person. For the base, where the chloroplast is fixed, I took the image of the stem that forms the back and legs of the chair.

Chloroplast is a plant that grows near the villages of the Planet of Paradise. Many residents use it as an energy source, planting it in their yards and connecting wires to it. This plant is engaged in active photosynthesis, producing a huge amount of energy. We can say that Chloroplast is the solar battery of the Planet of Paradise.

The chair is created from a wooden frame and is sheathed with PF fabric.

PLANET: Paradise

EXHIBITIONS: Collectible Fair 2024 (Brussels), Frédérick Mouraux Gallery 2024 (Antwerp).

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