Lazy Wolly

Plastic, acrylic; 35 cm
Edition: 30.

Lazy Wolly is Planet of Sins dweller and the General of the Lazy Kingdom. He was created from old pillows, picked from beneath lazy father’s heads. Indolence is not an iniquity, it is an opportunity. We become lazy, when we are satiated or when we know that nothing threatens us. However, if carelessness starts to flow through our blood-vessels, indolence becomes an iniquity. At these moments we want, but are not able to «overpower» a pillow under our head: we don't push it, but a pillow presses us from above. It is exactly the General of the Lazy Kingdom – Lazy Wolly. For some he is just a relaxation after a long working day or exhausting workout, but for another he is the worst nightmare.

In the Lazy Kingdom Lazy Wolly starts his day with warming up, where he encases 20 – 30 living creatures, who are stuck in the deepest laziness, into vacuum bags. Mice, birds, deer, people, fish – everyone sometimes ends up in his vacuum bag. He also has a squad, which makes his work easier. This squad creates all the necessary conditions so that everyone has a desire to lie down on the knees of Lazy Wolly and find themselves in a trap. They tighten up the thermostat of life into a state of comfort, akin to a mother’s womb: they regulate the schedule and architectonics so that no one can resist the temptation to lie down and forget their goals. Lazy Wolly's dependents are unremarkable, like spools on clothes, but they show discrimination in their work and know how to make everyone relaxed for ages. Everyone respects the General and seeks to be in his inner circle, they even have a festival, which is devoted to the pillow General. On this day, most of the Kingdom’s dwellers wrap a pillow in front of their face and walk blindly along the streets. When someone hits something or someone, they fall in the same place, and sleep until the next day. The one who is the last to meet an obstacle on his blind path wins and gets the opportunity to have an audience with the great Lazy Wolly.

Lazy Wolly is a 35-centimeter pillow character. The main materials are plastic, molded plastic, metal, acrylic. Each element is a pillow, or a soft blanket in the guise of body parts.


EXHIBITIONS: Frédérick Mouraux Gallery 2024 (Antwerp); Icon Siam Solo Show 2023 (Bangkok).

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