Red head

Metal, plastic, acrylic; 34 cm
Edition: 10.

Red head is an artwork that tells about the Wisdom planet. The heads on this planet serve as obelisks that cherish the historical memory of the Wisdom planet and, like ancient philosophers, ruminate about philosophy. These are the major sages. Each of them has his own philosophical teaching, which he preaches. All Red head are colossal heads growing out of the ground. They are the pillars of the Wisdom planet: there are their bodies under ground, converging into a single point in the core of the planet.

After my birth, a group of the wisest in our village assigned me to a family with one parent and an older sister, who had been tight-lipped / wordless since childhood. As she grew older, she was shrinking into herself and eventually became a victim of incessant sleep. According to the village doctor, these were the games of forgotten God, who took my sister’s consciousness into his world. For a long time, after my sister fell asleep, I had a role of housekeeper, helping my mother with work in a library. Once, while sorting through the bookshelves, I came across writings about the past of our planet – about how our home was created and theoretical assumptions about who we are. As now, our planet was populated by sages, seekers of truth, philosophers and others, who inclined their heads over the lake of being. I was especially attracted by the legend about immortal thinkers, who immobilized themselves and sacrificed their bodies to the God of Awareness. The writings told about 10 such thinkers, who lived more than 10 000 years ago. One of them was Red. He was the one, who focused his attention on significant moments of life and claimed that everything else in between was just circular waves spreading after a stone fell into the water. Red was the one, who was visited by the lost in themselves, who didn’t have neither questions nor answers; those who, according to Red, were only circles on water from a stone, thrown by others. After a conversation with him, the lost came to their senses and performed amazing, at first sight, crazy acts, which made the lake of life overflow and increase beyond its limits, attracting others to its wimples. At the moment, this is all the information I own. But tomorrow I will go on a journey to find Red, find out about the forgotten God and save my sister!

The head is made by using many different elements: metal pins, molded and photopolymer plastic. The sculpture is called red not for its color, but for its message. It personifies people who prove their deep knowledge about life through the teachings on how to exist among other people.

PLANET: Wisdom

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