Long Chair

Wood, plastic, fabric, PU; 75х60х75 cm
Edition: 25.

«Long Chair» is a chair with thoughts on modern games collected from the participants of children's past entertainments. In childhood, each person seeks new forms and combines the impossible in their inquisitive experiments. Chairs are like four-legged inhabitants of our house, which can only serve as an object to place on it but stimulate our imagination.

Long Chair is made in the likeness of creatures living on the Planet of Errors, where a lot of awkward characters are collected, and some of the inanimate objects acquire life. The expedition was sent to this planet. According to stories of the operational group that went there, the scientist made similar objects as sculptures and sent these creatures to the Earth.

The chair has a wooden frame with elastic fabric inserts on the seat and back.

PLANET: Space Station Potato-1