Long lamp

Metal, ceramics, plastic, glass, LED; 180х60 cm
Edition: 5.

Long Lamp is a sculptural work, the practical goal of which is to illuminate space and human imagination. It is a four-legged wanderer capable of illuminating a dark room. This work is part of a collection sent to Earth by Dr. Long from the Yoomoota universe from his Space Station Potato-1.

Long Lamp is made in the likeness of creatures living on the Planet of Errors, where a lot of awkward characters are collected, and some of the inanimate objects acquire life. The expedition was sent to this planet.
According to stories of the operational group that went there, the scientist made similar objects as sculptures and sent these creatures to the Earth.

The standard lamp consists of a ceramic base attached to a metal frame. The textured tube is made of ABS plastic, and the bowl shade, which is the head of the lamp, is made of glass. The light is located in the head and the textured tube.

PLANET: Space Station Potato-1