Coffee table
Wood, metal, plastic; 65х40 cm
Edition: 21.

Coffee table Embryo is the externalization of the first bird, the only deity of the Planet of Mysteries. According to a legend, no one knows the birth origin of the feathered, but on the Planet of Secrets there is a find in the form of half an egg with a trail of the bird-progenitor inside. The inhabitants of the Planet of Secrets use these tables in temples for a mystical ritual. They sit down at the table, knowing that only people, who drink tea with them, will have their wishes come true. The wish must necessarily be within certain knowledge — to find out some serious secret that gnaws at the one who came to the temple for answers.

A secret is information hidden from everyone; sometimes it is part of the governance of states, worlds, planets. These secrets can be hidden in people's minds or in history. Therefore, all the inhabitants of the Planet of Secrets are eager to drink tea at this table to find out what their governor is thinking about, or where the treasure is located, or how a continuously operating machine works. Of course, this opportunity isn’t given to anyone. The concept is an egg that flew into the red thread of life and got stuck in it.

The table is made of metal and wood. The table top is presented in the form of a bird. It is made and painted entirely by hand.

PLANET: Secrets