Metal, plastic, glass, LED; 160 cm
Edition: 3.

The spherical shapes of the new luminaire resemble blood cells, and the tubes leading to them — the vascular system through which they move.

Being a medical professional by education, designer Taras Yoom closely works with the theme of human physiology, endowing his objects with subconsciously familiar functions and features. According to the new legend of his Yoomoota art universe, Dif is a luminaire made from earthly cells sent by the hero Thymus to our planet to protect it from infectious agents (Viroids and Bagdov). These cells are stored in Thymus's backpack in the form of living and non-living objects, whose appearance repels enemies.

On Orginion (the planet of our body, which personifies our physical interior with all cells, organs and their interaction with each other), similar luminaires are used as talismans. They are activated when infections attack the cities during dark nights.

"Every object, be it a sculpture or interior design, is not just an illustration of processes inherent in people but also an allegory for me. Therefore, Dif luminaires not only provide physical protection to the inhabitants during the night but also serve as important conduits and support. It's a light that illuminates the darkness and allows one to defend against irrational fears, which every one of us encounters," explains Taras Yoom.

Combinations of plastic, metal, light-emitting diodes and colored glass are used in the lamp.

PLANET: Orginion

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