Plastic, acrylic; 70 cm
Edition: 10.

Thymus is the superhero of the planet Orginion. He was born a hero and has existed on the planet as lords and ladies since the very beginning of Orginion. He lives in a small mansion, which is a few kilometers from the city of «Sternum». From early childhood, Thymus was perceived as incredibly agile, fast, strong — the one who can save from the monsters that encroached on his home planet and its inhabitants. He was not alone, as he had no time to be alone. After all, the light and warmth that the planet exuded attracted countless alien monsters that fed on the light of the sparks.

In the history of the world, a legend is told about how the planet Orginion was born: initially there was only a wasteland, a cosmic body that had no color and shape. But one day, a small light lit up in the very heart of this body. It was rushing around inside all alone, not understanding what was going on. After a while, the light took shape, body, mind and consciousness — he realized that he was all alone. The spark tore off a part of himself and it began to take shape exactly like the spark. The next moment there were already two of them, and they continued to augment themselves, in order to fill the entire space of the wasteland and find peace. After millions of years, there was only one empty place and an endless expanse of lights that could not move. However, they were all where they wanted to be, where they were destined to be. The last spark didn’t take away a part of his body, but decided to make a passage from scratch — to the surface of a previously unseen space. When he got up and stood on the feet, he felt a pleasant, resilient mand under him, along which he began his wanderings, leaving behind small pieces of his body. These particles were a bit changed, in the form of the creation of a new destiny by him. The particles on the surface stopped repeating the appearance of the light, and began to take on completely different shapes and purposes.

Additional heads (lymph nodes) are located on the body of Thymus. During assembling, metal pins are used, and also igg immunoglobulin is depicted on his backpack, which is an indicator of healing.

PLANET: Orginion

EXHIBITIONS: Icon Siam Solo Show 2023 (Bangkok).