Wood, metal, felt, PU; 80х62х62 cm
Edition: 50.

This unique project is part of the «micro world» collection. And it is an image of a biological cell with a clear interior application; the same spherical shape of a seat, as well as orthopedic balls is very ergonomic for human use (the seat). In general, there are a lot of positive qualities. Starting from the main aesthetic and ending with usability. From medical research, I found out how important it is for a person to understand how their body and immunity work. This contributes to the awareness of any existing problem and the understanding of things that subconsciously activate the immune system. And this chair is a small bridge from the general to the particular in understanding the most complex mechanism of the human body.

Lymphochairs are warriors of the planet Orginion, its guards, akin to the regular army. They embody lymphocytes as the personification of the immune cell in a human body. At the very beginning, it is a chair that is still a dormant lymphocyte. Every time people sit on it, this simple action becomes hatching it like eggs. It turns out that a person must unassisted hatch his immune cell. After it wakes up and grows up from the warmth, it acquires battle skills, weapons, costumes. Afterwards it is allocated around the planet Orginion — each Lymphochair to a special place. If it ends up on Earth, then it will exist in houses of people who have obtained it and will gradually be hatched. Limphochair which has woken up on Earth becomes the defender of the person who hatched it and does his will.

The chair consists of a deep white pinkish felt cover, silver or white metal rods and blue or brown straps. The back of a chair can be removed and the spherical chair legged seat remains. A soft filling is made of polyurethane foam. The upholstery is made of wool, which does not require unnecessary cleaning and perfectly keeps the heat in a cold room temperature, and gives it up on hot days.

PLANET: Orginion

AWARDS: Lexus Design Award 2019, International Design Award 2018 (Silver)

EXHIBITIONS: Frédérick Mouraux Gallery 2024 (Antwerp); Collectible Fair 2024 (Brussels); Icon Siam Solo Show 2023 (Bangkok), Collectible Fair 2019 (Brussels); Cambi Design Auction.

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