Cube dude

Plastic, acrylic; 30 cm
Edition: 50.

Cube dude is a resident of the Yoomoota Universe from the planet Square in Cube. He belongs to the biological species "finite human", the bloodline of Homo Sapiens, the order of primitives and the self-feeding class. Cubic personality types are people at the peak of their evolution in the most primitive artificial form of life, in their opinion, the ideal form of a cube.

Cube dudes inhabit the planet Square in Cube. The planet is represented as a thriving civilization without complex interpersonal relationships. The inhabitants of the planet lead predominantly hermit lifestyles: they work remotely 7 days a week, live alone or nearby their parents, form couples, find work contacts or get pets using targeted selection in special online applications of the EveriGram network. There are more than 10,000 varieties of diets and countless health maintenance systems in the life of the planet's inhabitants. Supermarkets and malls familiar to the average human serve as museums and amusement parks for Cube dudes. A tragic event in a steady history of the planet’s inhabitants was the viral pandemic “Protest act against online”, when Cube dudes were deprived of their helpmates Everiphon – that time residents of the planet were forced to live like the order of primitives without modern amenities. In such conditions they died on the 10th day of the course of the disease.The pandemic was stopped with the help of the new HomeG server, which refills all the necessary functions.

The character is made by using high-accuracy 3D printing and plastic casting. Each detail is spread - eagled into a square pattern with a contour indentation of 1 mm. Furthermore, the character stands in the pose of David, absorbing the image of the past and the future.

PLANET: Square Cubed

EXHIBITIONS: Frédérick Mouraux Gallery 2024 (Antwerp).

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