Metal, plastic, glass, LED; 110 cm
Edition: 3.

This artwork tells about unusual creatures that can turn our ordinary apartment into a mysterious and enigmatic place. It is about balloons filled with helium. When we just bring them home, they immediately rush as high as possible to the ceiling. But as soon as the helium inside the balloon runs out, it begins to fall down slowly, freezing up somewhere in the middle, picked up by cold air streams. The moment someone passes by, the balloon seems to start traveling behind him, like a ghostly image that cannot leave its owner unattended. It follows us, as if trying to warn us of danger. Thus, helium balloons seem to have their own lives and are able to communicate with us in their own language, reminding us that life is full of mysteries and enigmas, and that we must be prepared for unexpected things at any moment.

A mysterious guardian of order, the holder of the mysterious name "Ghost", wanders on the Planet of Emptiness. He was formed from fogs of the Planet of Emptiness as one of the law guardians. The creature is slowly moving through the streets of the city, like a shadow traveling behind every inhabitant of the planet. Ghost does not just maintain order; it reminds residents of the laws, forcing them to think about the possible consequences of their actions. After all, nothing can remain hidden from his keen glance. There is a legend among the planet’s inhabitants that Ghost represents the eyes of some member of the planet’s parliament. Is it true? No one knows.

Combinations of plastic, metal, light-emitting diodes and colored glass depicting balloons are used in the lamp.

PLANET: The Void