Metal, plastic, glass, acrylic, LED; 180 cm
Edition: 10.

«Woooo» lamp is an image of how we attract life, releasing outward our bright features through the darkness of the night. We imagine the soul as something bright, pure, and defenseless. This is what exactly beckons us to brilliant people because they can disperse the surrounding darkness, even at the darkest night.

Woooo are amazing creatures that are lost on the Planet of Void. In their past, they were completely different, but after ingestion into the thick fog of the planet, their form turned into lamps. Their light wafts a sense of mystery, and the sound of these lamps, like a call to go somewhere - «woooo»... For them that's not just a call to the unknown, they use their sound to get out of the mystical thick of the fog. Some of them have found a way out. Now they are shining, helping local residents to navigate around the city. Some people may look at Woooo lamps and see just a light source, but for those who understand their essence, these lamps are unique creatures which have their own mission and desire to help others. Their light and sound help people to navigate at dusk and in hard-to-reach places where it is impossible to rely on vision.

The lamp comprises a metal body frame, a glass cone, and a rechargeable LED light.

PLANET: The Void