Blue Dream

Plexiglass, acrylic; 150 cm
Edition: 1.

Blue Dream is one of the rare creatures living on this planet. It is several times bigger than other characters from the Emo Planet. Having met her, you can make a wish and it will show the way to achieve it. It, like an ephemeral being, can materialize in front of your eyes. A lot of Emo Planet’s visitors come to it only for the sake of Blue Dream. But also on the territory of Blue Dreams you can visit the resort with the same name. Of course, you are unlikely to meet the character himself on it, but the place itself is full of interesting stories and many come to this planet just for this holiday.

Blue Dream from the Emo Planet of the Yoomoota universe is the personification of human aspirations. Blue Dream’s empathic qualities enable it to transmit hope and ambition. When you touch Blue Dream, feelings of hope and ambition radiate through you, inspiring you to reach for your dreams. This artwork showcases the direct psychological and physical influence of color zones on a person.

The sculpture is made from plexiglass and is painted with acrylic paints.


EXHIBITIONS: Solo Show, Icon Siam 2023 (Bangkok).

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