Pure Love

Plastic, acrylic; 50 cm
Edition: 10.

Pure Love, is the treasured dream for everyone, fulfilled itself in a new inhabitant of Yoomoota Universe. The white character, spangled with amorous looks and kisses, hides few important metaphors, which are connected with the major feeling in our lives. Firstly, the white color itself is hard to be divided into easily understandable formula. It includes all the colors and appears in different shades. Secondly, an envoy of pure love holds him in his arms and gives a clue: “We will be able to give away the happiness to others only when we love ourselves”. Thirdly, this character has telepathic abilities and showers his patron with amorous looks, letting the person feel loved and significant.

Pure Love does not only bestow love to everyone around but also has the ability to bring back to life dead creatures. She needs only one condition to do this: a person must love or be loved by someone (we are talking about partner love). But there is one caveat: vivifying someone, Pure Love gives a person one of her hearts. If the person is not loved anymore or stops to love – he immediately dies. 

It is one of the largest characters’ figures in the Yoomoota Universe. And the only one with a convex relief of lovers' faces, which are painted by hand.


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