Blue laugh

Plastic, acrylic; 25 cm
Edition: 50.

Blue laugh from the Emo Planet of the Yoomoota universe is the personification of human joy. Charming and charismatic with an amazing sense of humor, it loves to laugh and hug. Its distinctive features include blue color and smiles all over the body. Blue laugh's telepathic abilities make it capable of transmitting smiles and joy. If you hold Blue laugh, its smile spreads on the face of the one who touches or hugs it.

The Emo Planet is divided into stripes; each of them represents an emotion and affects a person in its own way: red - getting rid of phobias, yellow - the absence of hysteria and panic, green — increasing of strength, blue — the desire to smile. The blue zones mainly depict objects that can cause a human smile or laughter. In one experiment, one of the most gloomy employees of the Space Station Potato-1 , Holdor from the protection department, saw a blue zone with images out of the porthole and reported that his disturbing thoughts were replaced by happy moments from his memory. He also added that he wants to always remain «optimistic». Later the same experiment was repeated 72 times. It shows a direct psychological and physical impact of color zones on a human.

The character's traces of smiles periodically change. Paint is poured into each bas-relief with a brush, and sometimes with a syringe.


EXHIBITIONS: Frédérick Mouraux Gallery 2024 (Antwerp); Icon Siam Solo Show 2023 (Bangkok).

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