Red fear

Plastic, acrylic; 50 cm
Edition: 10.

Red fear is a creation of human fears and the antagonist of these fears. As it is said, fight fire with fire: if you want to get rid of a fear, scare it, and Red fear is the master of this job. It will not be difficult for him to catch any of the fears, which cause troubles for the person, unawares. Specific features: the red color of the coverage and grimace exuding terrifying fibers are absolutely safe for humans but deathful for their fears. The living embodiment of the protective charm!

Red fear is a character from the Emo Planet, living on the red side, who is able to transmit to people the ability not to be afraid. His first finding happened with the help of the staff from the Space Station Potato-1, who went to the red zone to overcome their fear. There they faced scary creatures, which constantly appeared out of nowhere. Later it was a journey to the dungeon, where people encountered various triggers of fear, such as clowns, spiders and other terrifying creatures. But the most amazing moment of this journey was the meeting with two Red fears who stand at the entrance to the hall resembling the gates of hell. It is believed that those who pass through them instantly find themselves on their ship and stop being afraid. Red fear is a rare character on the Emo Planet, whom many want to meet and explore his artifacts, including the helmet of Red fear, which has an amazing characteristic. It attracts scary creatures, but at the same time calms down, when the monster approaches a person, it ceases to seem so scary. Meeting with Red fear is a real adventure, and, as it is said, if you meet him on your journey, you will gain not only new knowledge, but also courage that will help you to overcome your fear.

The filling of faces, which are depicted on the body of “Red fear”, was firstly used on this sculpture. A syringe and paint were used in the filling. “Red fear” has the most matte shade. Each "little face" after printing is subject to scrupulous refinement: it is processed not only with a drill, but also manually.


EXHIBITIONS: Solo Show, Icon Siam, Bangkok

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