Candy Lady

Plastic, acrylic; 45 cm
Edition: 50.

Candy Lady from the Planet of Wantland looks absolutely innocent, but a very seductive and dominative creature, who did not accidentally find herself on the Planet of Wantland. She claims that she is the embodiment of happiness, as she brings joy to others, both in moments of sadness, despair and stress, and when everything is great, being a wonderful companion. She is so convincing in her arguments and actions that everyone turned out to be under her magical power, which is far from innocent. Candy Lady is the personification of the most widespread and insuperable addiction – sugar, which few people recognize and even fewer of those who fight with it. Candy Lady is like an air — you almost don't notice her while she is there. We have accustomed ourselves to her by falling in love with Candy Lady for hundreds of thousands years.

Candy Lady was created at the Potato-1 station by Pillman after he became aware of himself as a personality. Pillman created a situation in which his colleague, one of the scientists - chemists, experienced ongoing stress at work as she lost test tubes, working tools, gloves, and glasses. As a result, she tried to cope with stress with the help of sweets. At the station, Pillman brought together thrown gums, various elements of sweet - wrappers, and at the moment when the laboratory assistant was experiencing the greatest stress, sprinkled the collected sweets with part of the chemicals produced by his body. So Candy Lady materialized and became the helpmate of Pillman and one of the rulers of the Planet of Wantland, which was created by Pillman and his henchmen as an independent element in space. The stolen ship became the core of the Planet, and a big variety of candies, lollipops, fruit jellies and other sweets turned Candy Lady's subjects.
Everyone, who got to the territory of Candy Lady, passed nine challenges of varying complexity from temptation to usual sugar and delicacies to even hunger. On the last level, the winners were waiting for the audience with Candy Lady, and those who were unable to cope with addiction became her hostages and inhabited the planet at different levels. The winner received from Candy Lady a knighthood and unique attributes with different features (attractiveness, charisma, etc.) which contain an inexhaustible supply of sugar, a source of energy.

Candy Lady is made in a mixed technique, using different types of plastic, both transparent and solid.

PLANET: Wantland

EXHIBITIONS: Collectible Fair 2024 (Brussels), Frédérick Mouraux Gallery (Antwerpen)

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