Plastic, acrylic; 70 cm
Edition: 10.

Pillman is a character who embodies addiction from treatment with medical drugs, pills and antibiotics. This hero isn’t evil by his nature; people make him bad with their intentions to get rid of a weak state of health or any other irritant in the body. Treatment holds much significance in a human’s life, as it can improve its quality. However, people sometimes become addicted to pills due to the lack of education, unawareness and proper medication. A person should know the measure and it is regulated by his education and awareness.

By order of the captain, Haroshi checked the situation on the ship and then headed to his cabin, feeling tired after an unexpected journey in another outer space without a way out. However, his peace was disturbed by a strange rustle in his shoe. Haroshi abruptly jumped back, throwing back his boot, and met with an anthropomorphic creature, which was made up of medicines. He called it Pillman. The creature turned out to be alive and possessed strange abilities. For example, the ability to communicate in human language and to rule over people, based on the fact that they depend on him as a medicine. Haroshi, deciding to study this strange creature immediately, began asking questions about the world they were in, and was surprised to learn that Pillman had never heard of diseases and medicines. Haroshi explained to him the history of medicine and medications, but then Pillman realized that people were using him for their own purposes, and began to dream of power over humanity. Then Haroshi had only one goal — to get rid of this dangerous creature before it hurt someone else. Haroshi immediately decided to take Pillman to the laboratory for trials, but was stopped by a voice in his head. Pillman displayed his powers and made Haroshi freeze in his place and ordered Haroshi to set him free. Haroshi obeyed, unable to resist. Freed Pillman said with an insinuating, sly voice: «Have you spoken about other addictions?».

A combination of plastic and metal is used in the sculpture, as well as hand painting with acrylic paints. The body of Pillman consists of pills that incarnate real medicines: antibiotics, vitamins and many others.

PLANET: Wantland

EXHIBITIONS: Icon Siam Solo Show, (Bangkok), Frédérick Mouraux Gallery (Antwerp)

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