Coffee table
Fabric, steel, brass; 50х80х45 cm
Edition: 30.

Coffee table «Patch» is a patch that fell from the giant's foot to the ground and took the form of a table. It is rooted to the spot in this state, turning into a piece of furniture. When a person walks along the road and sees patches that have fallen off, they understand that these patches have fulfilled their function. They have healed the injury. And after healing it is customary to get rid of them. But Patch continues to help people, because it is unusual — it was a giant's patch.

These patches originate from the planet U2BeBetter, where they were left by ancient heads - hunting giant knights. They were brought to the Planet of Wantland, because many go there in search of medicines. For example, if a giant needs a huge patch, he will fly to the Planet of Wantland to Pillman and will ask him to sell or swap to get the right product. Patch is a find and an artifact that proves the existence of giants, which have become fewer in the Yoomoota Universe. It can also follow the person who purchased it, and take on not only the role of a table. Patch has its own will and can obey disreputable Pillman. The giant who received the patch from Pillman leaves, and Patch falls off his leg and hides. After that, the giant has to either look for a Patch, or return to the Planet of Wantland for a new patch.

The table is made of metal, veneer and acrylic. The purfling is in the form of brass eyes.

PLANET: Wantland