Wood, metal, plastic, acrylic; 150 cm
Edition: 3.

Gameboy which embodies the addiction to games was created by Pillman in the engineering compartment at the Potato-1 station. He lives on his own territory on the Planet of Wantland, where people have to compete with each other. The game here is not just entertainment, but an important type of social skills and information transfer training. Through the game, the desire to compete and, therefore, dominant traits for further reproduction are evolved. Reproduction might be of different types: intellectual, spiritual, physical. The game contributes to the success of these types of reproduction and is naturally established as a necessary program for development. The problem is that in the modern world there are an infinite number of games and many opportunities to play them. In such a situation games don’t help anymore, but become an evil addiction, touching beyond the norm. It is impossible to enter the Planet of Wantland alone, only in a group (at least 4 people). Various challenges that are needed to pass are waiting for people here in order to get an audience with Gameboy and additional prizes: weapons, talismans, etc. Only those who do everything together and whose friendship only grows stronger during the challenges can win.

When Pillman noticed the excitement of engineer Haruka's work with gears and mechanisms, a plan appeared in his head: to make Haruka have a desire to compete with others. This desire is a necessary condition for the addiction creation of the need for excess. Pillman decided to give him different tasks. At first, Haruki found little rebuses, crosswords, questions, riddles (parts of an intellectual game). He liked it and invited several friends to play with him. Then Pillman created a kind of board game where dice were used. Haruki and his comrades were supposed to compete here. Whoever wins will get the answer to the central question. Aspiration, curiosity and enthusiasm served as a charge that revived the Gameboy, assembled from various elements of the ship. Games develop enthusiasm from childhood, and modern organizations make money out of it.

Real objects are created in the workshop by hand, with a variety of plastic details, carved wooden elements, metal heatings, etc. A real tablet is inserted in the center, to which the controller goes. This is a kind of competition, encrusted in the art work.

PLANET: Wantland

EXHIBITIONS: Solo Show, Icon Siam 2023 (Bangkok).