Curiosity lamp

Metal, plastic, acrylic, glass, LED; 50 cm
Edition: 10.

Curiosity lamp is made on the model and likeness of the Curiosity box, but its purpose is completely different. Many of the Curious use a similar lamp at the station to collect the helmets of knowledge they possess. A person who buys this lamp can change helmets: there are a lot of them, more than forty pieces. In case of changing the helmet, the concept of the lamp completely changes: for example, with the help of a helmet from the Planet of Wantland from the territory of the Pillman, the Curious can capture any dependent creatures. Most of the creatures whose images are collected by the Curious in their helmets are sentient.

The Curiosity Station of Knowledge is divided into several factions considered to individualize the Curiosities for more efficient and convenient information collection. Such a division system lets the Curiosities simultaneously be interested in different planets and knowledge, like a huge mind. The factions are determined in the Primary Temple — a huge empty space with a domed roof and a small cylindrical elevator coming out of the floor. At the birth moment of the Curiosity, an elevator with an empty body shell raises along this capsule. Afterwards, a sphere, the basis for a new resident of the Station, is formed exactly in the center. The process lasts just a moment and is illuminated by a flash, like the birth of a new star. Then the sphere hovers in the air for a while above the elevator capsule and falls into the tube above the empty body, landing exactly in the place designed for the head. At that moment, the Curiosity obtains a special specific color of its new faction, and comes to life, opening its eyes. After birth, the Curiosity gets into a certain hierarchy, which is created to organize the effective work of the station. The Commander-in-Chief (Captain) is looking for answers to global questions (what is the Station and who are the Curiosities), while his assistants compile and analyze information collected by all other residents of the Station. However, the main role of the Curiosities is traveling through the worlds and filling the voids which they were born with.

A metal base and a lamp in the form of a glass sphere, on which there is plastic statuary.

PLANET: Curiosity Station of Knowledge

EXHIBITIONS: Collectible Fair 2024 (Brussels), Frédérick Mouraux Gallery (Antwerp)

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