Homo erectus



Metal, wood, enamel, lacquer, glass; 190х45х110 cm
Edition: 3.

Homo erectus is a display cabinet that came to us from the past. This is a multilayer object of natural origin. There are meteorite craters with images of living beings of the past on its surface. The display cabinet is a repository of valuables and fragile household items. Its main task is to protect and preserve the memory of ancestors.

Homo erectus is a solidified temporary magma found on the Planet of Beginnings. In fact, it is an element of nature, a clay patch on the planet that reflects the past. On this planet, there are often phenomena associated with the alleged past of humanity, as well as images of animals that arise at the very beginning.

This is a wooden sculpture covered with a small amount of enamel. Prepared nests (craters) are manually applied images of various creatures from the Planet of Beginnings of Yoomoota universe.

PLANET: Beginnings

EXHIBITIONS: Collectible Fair 2024 in Brussels

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