Giraffe and boy

Metal, plastic, acrylic; 45 cm
Edition: 50.

Giraffe and boy from the planet U2BeBetter seems to have perfectly copied and modernized the image of a charming twitching giraffe from the distant past. Nevertheless, while chasing the modernity, it has completely lost its main feature - the ability to recover after various manipulations with it. This one is significantly more aplastic and fragile, can fall down and break from an accidental touch, and the boy sitting on his back will fall with him. Giraffe and Boy are the embodiment of the fragility of modernity. During personal viewing of the work, you can understand that this is an illusion of weakness. After all, Giraffe and Boy are unshakable, even if you try to destroy them. Now people have become strong, even in their weaknesses.

Giraffe and Boy are one of the many revived toys that live on the planet U2BeBetter. As a rule, these self-sufficient toys live alone and lead a nomadic lifestyle, in which they see the meaning of existence. Giraffe and Boy are omnivorous: they feed on both plants and animals. Built up from forgotten toys, they contain information about the past of children around the world (their behavior and tempers) and serve as the memory basis of their planet. In addition, these characters are often hunted by residents of other planets as their body parts are extremely valued on the market, in particular on the Planet of Brands. Due to their ability to fall to pieces and change positions, hunting them is extremely difficult. If one of the parts is stolen, it will always reach back to the creature like a magnet.

The character is originally made of printed molded plastic. Each element is molded, each detail is separately polished, and there are metal rods inside, which represent the red thread of giraffe's life. Furthermore, this sculpture can change its geometry in the process of creation. Giraffe can change the curve of its neck. And the details that make up this sculpture are not glued together, but are held on a metal bar that gets through the center of the details.

PLANET: U2BeBetter