Don't play with food

Wood, brass, metal; 120x85x70 cm
Edition: 5.

Created from remnants of toys found on the planet U2BeBetter. Looking at it, we are reminded of the rule: children are not allowed to play at the table. However, it has been proven that this is a very important part of development, as children learn and become familiar with the world of objects through playing with food. This previously unknown law also applies to adults. This table is a permission for both young and adult people to play with food and better understand the world.

The table imitates elements of children's toys, more specifically, a colorful block construction set. Such tables are assembled by a talented carpenter from the planet U2BeBetter - a master who also builds houses from various objects found near his dwelling.

PLANET: U2BeBetter

EXHIBITIONS: Collectible Fair 2024 in Brussels

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