‎Put up put up

Acrylic, brass; 160х80 cm
Edition: 5.

The Put up put up and don't fight anymore lamp is a subject of illumination with a plot narration. Two fingers squeezing each other, which personify friendship, and the children's saying, put up, put up and don't fight anymore. This gesture has become a symbol of the end of hostility and the beginning of a new milestone in the history of relations. In its concept, this work is a lamp - after all, such an action is often from bright motives and an example for other people.

It happens on the planet U2Bebetter. It is an element of sincere friendship and avoidance of bitter and futile offenses, so its placement above the dining table is very important. It is necessary to consume food in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. In the Yoomoota universe, it is the fingers of the giants of the past - semi-mythical creatures, legendary people, the first ones to ever visit the universe.

The luminaire consists of matte acrylic parts (phalanges) with brass clasps, with adjustable suspensions to create compositions. These are two independent lamps (fingers) located in different ways.

PLANET: U2Bebetter.