90% table is an almost disappearing table. This Schrodinger table may not exist when we turn our backs on it. But then we managed to turn around and catch the moment the table disappeared into another dimension. We managed to stop this process of disappearance with our eyes and froze it as if playing the game “freeze” the table. The main idea displayed in this project is that we are modeling our space.


The 90% table is one of the unusual objects of the Yomut universe, which served as an altar on the planet of secrets, which disappeared one day and now wanders to different places in the universe, appearing on one planet, then on another. They say that the lucky ones who managed to meet this table were able to find their cherished desires on it.


The table is made of plastic and covered with matte enamel. The tables also have a different percentage of disappearance - from 30% to 90% visibility, depending on the craters and empty places on its surface.


Metal, plastic, enamel, lacquer

  • Height
    65 cm
  • Width
    50 cm
  • Depth
    50 cm



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