Chair “Inflated Ass” - A chair with a very natural shape, the shape of an inflated plant from the planet of Paradise. I really like the idea that a plant, along given paths, can grow into something physiological and practical. And it was in this way that this flower was formed under the ass of two-legged creatures.

But plants are predatory and you should not tame this plant and sit on it. Otherwise, you can find yourself in the immortal fetters of pleasure. Therefore, in order to plant such a plant at home, you need to gain self-control and endurance to its charms.


Chair "Inflated Ass" sprouts on a planet of Paradise, the Yoomoota universe.

 On this planet, the indigenous people collect wild sprouts of "Inflated Ass" and send them to planet Earth.

Planet: Paradise


The chair is made of a metal frame and medium hardness PP. From above, the entire structure is sheathed with felt or cloth.


Metal, PPU, felt, fabric

  • Back height
    75 cm
  • Seat height
    45 cm
  • Seat depth
    55 cm



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