This unique project is part of the “microworld” collection. And it is an image of a biological cell with a clear interior application, the same spherical shape of the seat, as well as orthopedic balls is very ergonomic for human use (the seat). In general, there are a lot of positive qualities. starting from the main aesthetic and ending with usability. The back of a chair can be removed and the spherical seat on legs remains. A soft filling as made of polyurethane foam. The upholstery is made of wool, which does not require unnecessary cleaning and perfectly keeps the heat in a cold atmosphere, and gives it up on hot days.


From medical research, I found out how important it is for a person to understand how his body works, how his immunity works - this contributes to the awareness of the problem (if any) and the understanding of things that subconsciously activate the immune system. And this chair is a small bridge, from larger to smaller in understanding the most complex mechanism of the human body.

Planet: Orginion


The chair consists of a deep white with pinkish hues of felt cover, silver or white metal rods and blue or brown straps.


  • Height
    900 mm
  • Diameter
    600 mm



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