YOOMOOTA universe

There are currently over 20 known but unexplored planets in the Yoomoota universe. They are located at different distances from the eternal sun, which bathes the whole universe in its heat and light. Being near the Sun gives you the feeling of standing near an incredibly strong magnetic field. And it is the Sun that is the bridge, the gate between our worlds.

The Sun in Yoomoota is not the largest astronomical object, but rather a very small one with a diameter of only 10 feet, but this is not a constant size. Loina is able to change its size at some rate that has not yet been studied. The glow that surrounds it creates the impression of an incredibly huge star, comparable to the sun of our system or even bigger.

The location of the planets by distance from the Loina

  1. Emo
  2. Orginion
  3. Viruion
  4. Bagdion
  5. Mistake
  6. Paradise
  7. Inferno
  8. Pain
  9. Future
  10. Wisdom
  11. Sound
  12. Brands (reputation)
  13. Luck
  14. Sins
  15. Physics
  16. The Void
  17. Secrets
  18. U2BeBetter
  19. Paths
  20. I
  21. Beginnings
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