Another Kingdom

Metal, plastic, acrylic, wood, silicone; 45х45 cm
Edition: 21; No6/21;No10/21;No15/21;No16/21. 

Chess «Another Kingdom» is from the U2BeBetter planet of Yoomoota universe. Yoomoota tried to make this age – old board game even more exciting, giving each figure a new image and character. This chess tells the story of a war between two kings. Each set is created by hand and embedded with an NFC chip — a digital certificate that validates, authenticates, and records the artwork ownership and provenance.

I have tried to make the age-old board game even more exciting by giving each figure a new look and character. The pawn is a bold but giddy-brained lion. Having reached the enemy side, he turns into a subordinate of the queen, who bestows her power upon him. The rook is a siege tower, where archers are hiding inside. They are ready to pierce the enemy with their arrows at any moment. The knight is a clumsy warhorse, accustomed to blunder into an attack from around the corner. The bishop is a cunning chameleon with wide open eyes. He looks wide and from afar, cunningly approaching his rivals cornerwise, as he does not move straight after all. The queen is insanely beautiful, but unpredictable. She is like a beautiful, dangerous, thorny flower that grows in a forbidden forest. In fact, she would be the one who rules the kingdom, if it weren’t for the formality of the king — another way to prove that there is a great woman behind every successful man. The king has spent a great deal of time on his throne; however, he has nowhere to rush, since all roads lead to him. From the height of his throne, he looks at his invincible kingdom. I don’t think he wanted a bloody war, but maybe it was for the best.

Combined technique with hack-working craft is used in chess. The manufacture of each set has the following stages: fine-detailed 3D printing from photopolymer plastic, molding, modeling, polymeric casting, manual processing of objects and acrylic painting.

PLANET: U2BeBetter

lwh: 450x450x80 mm

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