Yoomoota home is a company created as a place for furniture items from a surreal universe called Yoomoota. The Yoomoota universe is a fantastic world, which reflects humanity. It embodies all the phenomena of our life.

You can learn more about Yooomoota here. The furniture presented on this site is objects with their legends and ideological basis. Each item is a fully functional object that can be used in the interior.

The furniture you see here is short stories about each planet of the Yoomoota universe and the dwellers who inhabit them.

Taras Zheltyshev

The artist/designer was born in the Siberian city Tomsk to a  family of doctors and architects in 1991. It couldn't but influence the choice of a future profession. In 2010, he entered the pediatric faculty of Siberian Medical University. Taras had two passions at the university – biophysics and cartoon animation. So he worked part-time in a laboratory and an architectural bureau, creating interior items and art objects.

In 2013, Taras took part in and eventually won the Moleskine art competition, where he presented his illustrations. Afterwards, art and his passion for design began to conquer his soul, constantly allowing him to experiment and invent something new. In 2014, while taking part in the international design competition A' Design Award, he discovered new areas in design that inspired him. In the same year, he showed projects of light fittings at Beijing Design Week 2014. His works were organic and functional. He was able to create natural images with functionality. From this moment, design, artistic activity, and biophysics merged into unity in his mind. Taras created a multidisciplinary workshop where he studied many technologies and techniques for processing materials. Over time, his projects blurred the boundary between visible reality and the hidden natural processes of organisms he observed at a medical university. That led to the prevalence of histological ornaments, molecular images, and the living organisms’ colors and shapes in his works.

Between 2014 and 2018, Taras won several design awards, including the A’ Design Award, International Design Award, and Skol Design Award. His works were featured at ISaloni in Milan and SaloneSatellite in Moscow. Taras experimented with the visual functionality of an object that can change a person's attitude to certain things. In 2019, he presented his works at the Collectible Fair in Brussels in the Young Designer category. After that, he began collaborating with three galleries of collectible design, Heritage gallery, Mirra gallery and Galerie Philia.

At the same time, he started cooperation with the large factory “Mrs.Ruby,” for which he designed unique art collections of interior items. In 2019 his works were shown in two galleries: Cosmoscow, the international exhibition of contemporary art in Moscow, and the collectible design exhibition Russian Antique & Art Fair. Since 2019, there have been numerous publications in magazines (including Vogue, Elle Decoration, Ad, Interior + Design, Interiors The Best, In / Ex, Forbes, Design Mate, The Rouge, and Tatler) about an author who uses knowledge of biology and nature with a personalization approach in art design projects.

Starting in 2020, Taras organized a multidisciplinary art workshop for creating collectible toys. At this time, all his activities became the personification of the surreal reflectiveness of the universe called Yoomoota.

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