Metal, plastic; 40 cm
Edition: 3.

Horse has a special superpower as it was created from a variety of elements collected from different planets. For instance, its back is from the planet Orginion. It is a historically important part since there are inscriptions on it. It is impossible to enter the main temple without reading those inscriptions. Horse is a kind of artifact because it entirely consists of the most important objects, representing keys or sources of information.

In the Universe of Yoomoota, there are ten knights who are attribute seekers, bounty hunters, or vice versa, mercenaries. They are the performers of orders — just like the influencers in our home universe. Knight's name and the name of his horse both are unknown, as they must be hidden from the general information cloud. It is only known that he appeared on the Planet of Brands and during the life he was building his horse from finds made during his hunting.

Horse is made in a mixed technique, using metal and plastic elements and acrylic.

EXHIBITIONS: Solo Show, Icon Siam, Bangkok