Another Kingdom: Light Stage

Metal, plastic, acrylic, wood, silicone; 45х45 cm
Edition: 21.

The collection consists of 21 chess sets, each crafted by hand with a combination of techniques. The manufacturing process involves fine-detailed 3D printing from photopolymer plastic, molding, sculpting, polymer casting with manual processing of objects and acrylic paint detailing. Each set is embedded with an NFC chip — a digital certificate that validates, authenticates, and records the artwork’s ownership and provenance. The materials include acrylic, metals, plastics, silicone, and wood.

Light Stage belongs to the planet Us2BeBetter, whose inhabitants are born to start a new story. It's a chance to return to origins, avoiding conflicts and the destruction of neighboring kingdoms. During a game on the chessboard, residents have the opportunity to reverse the course of history. Conceptually, chess pieces rise on two mountains, and at the center of the board, an artifact is hidden — an object eagerly sought after on this planet. This artifact, resembling an old pocket watch, has the power to temporarily revert a past.

“The Light Stage chess set marks the beginning of a new era in the development of the kingdom on one of the Yoomoota planets. It personifies the catchy atmosphere of an endless fair. In the course of the chess game, there are two victories — physical and symbolic. The first is associated with the classical rules of chess. The latter signifies that the heroes will discover a treasure hidden at the center of the board” explains Taras Yoom.

Combined technique with hack-working craft is used in chess. The manufacture of each set has the following stages: fine-detailed 3D printing from photopolymer plastic, molding, modeling, polymeric casting, manual processing of objects and acrylic painting.

PLANET: U2BeBetter

EXHIBITIONS: Collectible Fair 2024 (Brussels), Frédérick Mouraux Gallery (Antwerpen)

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lwh: 450x450x80 mm