80 million km from the sun

- A spherical object 10k km in diameter with bright horizontal rings of an inflated shape, reminiscent of swimming rings. The number of rings varies from 8 to 15, depending on the events in the Yoomoota universe (the more events causing emotional lability, the more rings). Rings, (or zones), are divided into 7 colors (red, yellow, blue, green, cyan, white, and black). Depending on the events taking place in the Yoomoota universe, new colors are added periodically. The planet has weak magnetism and the same gravity as on the moon. The zones contain images of very large size. The range of image sizes varies from 10 to 300 thousand kilometers of inscribed diameter. Images (or pictures) are placed chaotically, but the pattern type and mood depends on the color of the zone. The blue zones show objects that can cause a smile or laughter. Red — you have no fear (get rid of phobias) Yellow images help you concentrate in the critical situation (and avoid hysteria or panic).

Look at white and you become caring but lonely, like in the case of KILWAPS (knight in love with a princess syndrome) and also get a 50% increase in physical strength. Green gives you the eye to things and events that you would not have paid attention to before (surprise zone) Cyan gives you the understanding of your dearest dream projects plans to achieve it (dreaminess) Black burdens you with despair and loss of yourself, but then, in 10 days of Emo (10 hours at the Earth), a powerful super ability is acquired - survival. This proves the direct impact of color zones, both psychologically and physically.

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