The world looks like a prosperous civilization without complex personal relationships. Couples on this planet are formed through apps (there is a targeted selection of a person with whom you connect your life at work or at home).

Their shops and supermarkets are the same as people have, but ordinary grocery stores and corner shops act as museums, and supermalls function as amusement parks, where you can no longer buy anything except a ticket to enter.The halls in such places are divided into various leisure areas and food courts.On each floor there are places where you can buy more than 100 types of coffee drinks, but some just buy branded glasses without coffee (since more than 20 cups a day, as scientists found out, leads to a changes in levels of likocytes in blood), and the glass acts as an accessory.

Pets are acquired through an online application, like absolutely everything in this world (visit EveriGram network).

People live mainly alone with parents in the neighborhood or together with them. On the planet Square Cubed they work 7 days a week. They either work from home or hold meetings at super malls and other entertainment venues.

Their lives are supported by more than 10,000 diets and countless health systems. Of course, there have been diseases in their history, and major outbreaks of pandemics. One example is the collapse of the social network, where people filmed themselves online for 5 years. The whole world supported this trend at that time, and then suddenly but predictably the server providing an online 64G charging network went down. Their personal friend and life assistant Everiphon collapsed and the world was flooded with a disease called “action against online”. People tried to live as a squad of homo primitivus without modern conveniences, with buttons on the keyboard, standing places in the subway and trying to understand the other person. Unfortunately, that lifestyle was too extreme and people died on the 10th day of the disease. As a solution a new HomeG server was announced, which was installed in every person's home and performed the function of creating a virtual NPC activity. And now, if a 64G failure occurs, the HomeG offline mode will turn on. And the pandemic began to fade away and everything went on as usual.

There was a natural museum on the planet where the history of life and development of a cubic man were presented. The museum was completely empty since the opening, due to the existence of a virtual space, so soon it was closed, since it was formed by chance as an experiment in the operation of a numerical converter (3D printer of matter). Anyway it was a breakthrough that existed as news in EveriGram for more than an hour, then he got lost in the newsfeeduum.

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