In the Yoomoota universe, at a distance of only 200 million kilometers from eternal sun, an elongated planet rotates, of a delicate pink color, with two symmetrical tails on the sides. This is the planet Orginion. A peaceful world, living with the precision of a sophisticated clockwork, with beautiful open spaces, diverse, previously unseen plants and creatures that live in harmony with each other.

This planet personifies our physical interior with all cells, organs and their interaction with each other. Here, at the foot of the dormant volcano Kartisola, under the arch of material clouds, the singing Melodina flowers bloom. Like a thousand flutists, they perform a familiar melody in unison, and the wind, picking up these sounds, raises them to the very top, creating a cosy blanket for a sound sleep of a long dormant volcano. Small villages with residents of different races and peoples are located nearby (Myslami, Glidami, Yarami, Senza and many others)

Behind the villages stands the major city whose name speaks for itself — Midtown. This is the city with the most complex and intricate structure, in which many of the primordial rulers of Orginion live. The supreme parliament which regulates life in other cities of the planet is based in the Tower of the Two Hemispheres. A few hundred meters above the heads of the inhabitants of the city among oxygen bubbles and water clouds fly Erys, Thrombles, Leutas: flying creatures that supply every inhabitant of the planet with the necessary elements for life.

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