The planet offers a multitude of tests for body and soul. Also the local concept of pain is different. Pain’s inhabitants cannot die or get injured. At least records on such events are empty. They don’t feel any physical or spiritual pain. That doesn’t mean they are impassive, because they can sympathize. And that’s their duty and they are perfect in it.

The planet's residents are very skilled in designing clothes and other stuff. That’s why many Curiosities visit the planet to purchase various objects there. Also the planet hosts the Illness and Challenges Fair. There you can find amazingly crafted (but not very comfortable) jewellery, weapons made of razors and needles (impossible to touch, Pain has the sharpest razors in the universe) and much more. The Fair has a lot of visitors, because discovering a way to use these items gives Curiosities a great boost in their adventures. The surface of the planet is covered with thorny plants and animals. The ruins on the planet are also built by the locals. Earlier they functioned as shelters for Pain visitors who didn’t know that locals feed on their suffering. Locals live in pointed towers of a different height, depending on the owner’s status.

One of the planet legends speaks of travelers who don’t feel the pain and aren’t afraid of it. They may become apprentices of the Pain’s best craftsmen and learn how to make the deadliest weapon.

The planet also has many amusement parks. Like a poisoned cherry on top. You can find the Pinky Labyrinth, where you find the exit by kicking its corners. Another activity there is the Numb Merry-Go-Round, giving you the feeling of numb arms or legs, caused by its rotation.

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