Planet, which symbolizes the variability of human life. It looks like a small, about 10,000 kilometers in diameter, ideal sphere with a constantly changing trajectory and landscape. This planet is difficult to get to, as it always moves erratically, but it can be tracked (it always leaves a trail that disappears after 3 earth days).

Getting there, a traveler meets a multitude of roads and paths, like a fractal labyrinth without dead ends. The planet consists only of branching paths, roads, bridges on which you can meet bizarre vehicles and inhabitants of the planet. Even trees have a bark in the form of a labyrinth, through which, by swiping your finger, you can find a button that opens the door to the next episode of a journey. As you travel along the path, you encounter a series of events specific to the particular road you are following.

The planet is inhabited by several races of guides. Many Curiosities want to go to this planet to acquire their history and understand their path through life, but also to find maps which lead to powerful artifacts scattered throughout the universe.

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