The planet of Physics accumulated all universal laws of the human Solar system. The planet itself is a perfectly spherical celestial body with an evenly distributed ionized bluish atmosphere. Physics’ surface is coated with rubbered metal plates with wires and other telecoms under. Water there forms kinetic rivers and lakes with various density and magnetic anti-energy beaches.

Anti-energy is a force opposite to energy. Given that the universe expands, it expands in a space that devours it. We may say that a glass we pour water in is empty, but it is air that is pushed away, attracting water to take its place. The same with our universe — it expands into space filled with anti-energy, that attracts energy. Anti-energy is one among several energy sources on the Physics planet.

It’s inhabited mostly by thermodynamics researchers. Even the most basic houses and apartments resemble labs with families setting up different experiments. Anyway we cannot call this planet the most developed in Yoomoota universe, as young population doesn’t have any beliefs (the only things they believe in are proofs). Thus if they encounter processes without any physical proof, they ignore them. That’s why they are called Grey. Their way of thinking denies the existence of anything more complex than they are. The inflated ego is the worst feature of locals. Nevertheless the planet is visited by many creatures using the Grey’s knowledge and perfect labs.

The older citizens of Physics learn how to see the play of chance and are able to find some meaning. Too bad that it happens just in the last part of their life, but it’s enough for the planet to flourish. Their houses are amazing. Some of them float in the air, some roll from one part of the city to another, some change their size from small cubes to back to inhabitable space.

The planet may look unbelievable but everything has a scientific explanation there.


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