All that is known about this planet is that a secret society of birds lives there. They exchanged their innate gift to fly for the mind, subsequently acquiring religion and knowledge. Well, in this case wings are not needed to soar under the clouds. The inhabitants of the planet are called Birds. They are covered in some sort of clothes called "mysterious plumage". The sky is full of humanoid creatures, keys and murky clouds.

In the world of secrets, you can find answers to the most unexpected questions. The planet looks like an assembled cosmic body from combinatorial biomaterials (who created this planet?) There are a lot of boxes and chests on it, as well as old sideboards and cabinets that are scattered all over the planet. The inhabitants have houses without windows and doors. Often these are cubic-shaped structures with a finish resembling concrete, but when viewed up close, black glossy blotches are visible across the entire surface of the building. How to get into the house is known only to the owners of their homes. The areas around the houses are usually open and have no boundaries. This is done so that no one knows where private property ends.

Forests and lakes often have warning signs stating that it is better not to go there (but why?) The inhabitants themselves communicate without finishing the phrase or deliberately pronouncing the words very quietly. At the same time, life on this planet is flourishing, because all the indigenous people keep secrets from each other, because they already know a lot and do not want to load themselves with more unnecessary information. This is an amazing planet, which for a wanderer can be a place where he learns to learn the secret and keep his mouth shut.

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