An artificial planet constructed by some runaway sins from Ada planet. You could be familiar with them: Pride, Greed, Hatred, Lie, Lust, Gluttony and Sloth. Each of them founded a personal kingdom, sometimes they unite to attack neighboring planets. They want to possess their own planet and prefer to conquer it instead of building. The surface of Sins planet has distinctive bright borders and a different environment.

1) Kingdom of Hatred

A scorched land where only weeds and creepy plants grow. The forests are made of mirror metal, and when a piercing wind blows through these mirror spears, a sound is heard resembling the hum of city sirens. The kingdom praises self-hatred so the mirror trees reflect everyone passing by.

Settlements in the Hate Kingdom look like developed cities with shops, theaters and other features characteristic of a civilized society. But if you look closely, you can see the countless security systems of these establishments, which are made not to protect themselves from intruders, but to provoke aggression and turn the visitor into an attacker. It is for the same reason that all residents of the territory of hatred cannot speak quietly. They yell at each other, always condemning and discontent, even when they talk to their loved ones.

King GriD rules the Kingdom of Hate.

2) Kingdom of Greed

In terms of territory, probably the largest kingdom, since it has several floors. There is a central city, with columns around which support the second level of the city. Also, under the city there is another huge underground space, where the inhabitants of Greed store their found, stolen or earned money. It is also called an underground bank. Values   in the city are very often created with rumors. So the main resources include gasped air, pretty words and many similar treasures. Periodically, King Svir shares his wealth, investing it in a new store or factory, but this is always done with the aim of getting profit. Other inhabitants of the Greedy Kingdom follow the same principle. Some villagers are so greedy that they can starve themselves to death because they hate spending food, even on themselves.

3) Kingdom of Gluttony

A very dangerous place – at any moment you can fall into the trap of the locals and be eaten at the same second. The king of this kingdom is the Central Abyss, into which all the inhabitants carry sacrifices. These sacrifices can be absolutely of any kind, the only thing that matters is their continuous flow. This kingdom has one of the most fertile lands. All fruits and animals grow to enormous sizes. We can say that Gulb’s kingdom is famous for the abundance of food. Although its inhabitants can eat themselves being endlessly hungry.

4) Kingdom of Lust

The territory of this kingdom has absolutely no corners or sharp surfaces. Falling under the influence of these lands, any creature discovers a particularly strong lust. This effect is explained by a special atmosphere created by the natives of the Kingdom of Lust. They are very loving and make the traveler drunk with the feeling that he is appreciated, loved and wanted. At the same time, the inhabitants of the Lustful Kingdom are very different from each other, in appearance, size, and speech. Their main language is body language, and their communication is touching and lustful glances at each other. Monogamy is a crime that King Syphil punishes with death by self-desire. The criminal lusts for himself so much that he takes off his skin. Living there is not as dangerous as in other kingdoms, but bear in mind that after you get used to the state of lust you would never want to leave the planet.

5) Kingdom of Sloth

Oh, it's a soft kingdom. Come into it and forget why you got there. In the kingdom of laziness, everything is so comfortable and chill that it is impossible to work your mind. All the territory of King Eff is serene. Plants and trees do not grow out of the ground, but remain in a state of root. Many inhabitants of the Lazy Kingdom simply roam their homes, collecting edible dust. And time is not in a hurry in that place.

Despite everything that happens, the residents and the king himself work… to simplify life even more. And therefore, having arrived in his zone, you can find very unusual devices that allow you to achieve results in a stationary state. These are escalator shoes, a pressure beam, an anti-gravity canvas with which you can sleep standing up and much more. A wonderful kingdom where you can take a break from stress, but when you begin to dream of your former dynamic life you are no longer able to return it.

6) Kingdom of Lies

The entrance to this kingdom goes through the gorge of truth. In which, telling the truth, the road becomes longer, leaving no chance for the traveler to reach the city. But if you constantly lie in it, then after a few questions you get to the right (or wrong?) place. This is a test for true liars, since there is no information about the necessity of lying, while the path is called the "gorge of truth."

Inside the city, life is ordinary at first sight with houses, supermarkets, temples in honor of the false king Yail and other buildings. All residents of the city have different, but exaggerated features. Someone looks pumped-up with huge shoulders, two short arms, long legs and a head resembling a seed stuck in the ground. Up close, it immediately becomes clear that this creature does not have muscles in the body at all, but an imitation of skillfully sewn clothes instead. Someone from afar shone like a diamond, but when they got closer, the diamonds turned out to be pseudo precious bugs from the territory of the King of Greed. None of the inhabitants of the city are really what they seem at first sight. Like most buildings in the city. Opening the door to the hardware store, you can find yourself in a pharmacy or an art supply store.

Life in this kingdom is very difficult, because if some truth is discovered about you the punishment may vary from exile from the city to challenges in the non-mortal arena. In which blindly, just following instructions of the arena lord, you need to find a way out of it. Only then will it be possible to continue a life of lies. But unfortunately, no one has yet managed to do this, since the arena is full of traps for the delight of the gathering spectators. And even if you want to stop everything and end your life, then this is also very difficult to do, since it is impossible to kill yourself on fake equipment, unless of course it is really fake.

7) Kingdom of Pride

Here everyone knows the real value of their qualities. Majestic trees whose branches cannot be bent. Their roots do not reach out to a new place, and their seeds do not fall on dirty ground, because it is not worthy of their scale. Lonely flowers try to be seen and reach into the windows of the inhabitants of the Proud Kingdom. The ground underfoot sounds so quiet, as if it does not want to admit that it is being walked on. Cities are inhabited only by noble personalities and delightful animals that do not allow themselves to be stroked. The King Great, All-Knowing, Ruler of Rulers, One of the very first Richeon-Goodwin is never shown to his subjects. A proud kingdom, the most unsociable among its neighbors. But if at least someone paid attention to you from there, then you either have a great family tree or you are a ruler inside.

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