A planet that cannot be visited without special equipment, because it emits deafening sound waves even at a distance of 100 thousand kilometres. Definitely it repels everyone who wants to visit it. So visitors must go through a transition satellite, located near the planet of Sound. On the satellite you discover a huge line of people passing through customs to get special bracelets issued for descending to the planet. They absorb the vibrations that could push you away from the planet.

The surface of the planet of Sound consists of a very sonorous material, knocking on which one can assume that the planet is hollow. In fact, it is. Under the 2 cm heavy-duty shell of the planet you can see countless strings stretched in a chaotic manner. They cannot be touched, because any touching creates such powerful sound vibrations that push the spirit out of the body.

The Planet of Sound is inhabited by many peoples, predominantly working with the musical instruments of the Yoomoota universe. Many explore this planet for the purpose of harnessing sonic energy, for weapons or for healing. All the inhabitants of the planet are not indigenous, which raises the question - if there is life or a true sound harmony inside it. There are also many vibration sources on the planet that tourists with their families visit to relax and unwind in sound waves. Such sources are called vibration spas and this type of business is one of the most developed on the planet of Sound. Residential buildings located on the planet of sound are similar to hollow metal figures: rings, slingshots, triangles. Looking minimalistic and primitive, inside they are technically amazing and aesthetically striking. Absorbing sound vibrations of the surface of the planet, these houses transform them into their own unique sound, characteristic of the occupant of this house.

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