A planet of contemplation and ambivalence. A planet where truth is constant in variability. It is inhabited by thoughts and awareness. All living organisms that fill the planet of Wisdom have very good adaptability and survival. Only by observing the environment can they draw a conclusion about all the dangers and rewards that await them ahead.

They acquire their skills at birth, being born from special altars located in cities. Altars look like cloudy transparent obelisks of a cylindrical shape, at first glance resembling a carved crystal. At the top of these altars are the figures of the ancient inhabitants of the planet arranged in a circle, directing their hands to the center of the obelisk. At birth (usually this happens unexpectedly), the closest inhabitant of the planet turns into a beam of light and passes through the top of the obelisk into the consciousness of the baby, leaving in it the knowledge from the ancestors. Due to this process, the number of indigenous people remains unchanged.

Also, the planet of Wisdom has some problems with flora and fauna. Plants and animals are very selective in terms of habitat so the planet has very sharp borders of ecological zones. There are places where there is no life, since it just simply left from there (the plants moved due to the movements of their roots, and the animals simply ran away from the unfavorable zone). Such transitions occur once a year and are accompanied by a holiday.

1 year on the planet of Wisdom equals 2 years on the Station of Curiosity.

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